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čokoládový pudink od Petra

čokoládový pudink od Petra

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Dark chocolate 150 g Chopped
Butter 150g Unsalted , chopped
Eggs 3
Egg yolk 3
Castor sugar 90
Flour 75 G plain
Ø Melt chocolate and butter , stirring occasionally on a double boiler Ø Remove from heat Ø Beat eggs , egg yolk and sugar until thick and pale Ø Fold in sifted flour Ø Stir in chocolate mixture and mix gently Ø Pour mix into greased muffin or friand tin , freeze for at least 2 hrs Ø When ready to serve , bake at 180 C for 13 min or until pudding is firm around the edge Ø Gently turn out you may need to use a knife to run around the edges , serve at once. Ø The middle should be hot and thick chocolate mix.
Autor: kaparo

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